“Fake it until you make it” isn’t just some cliche- it works.

You can and you will. Make that your mantra “I can, I will”, say it out loud, care not who hears you or sees. Become what you must!!

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This is harder than you thought...

"In life, we can be certain that we will fail, suffer and hurt, we will also experience great joys, victories, and wonderful things. Those who allow their misfortune to define them as victims will never rise above their circumstances. We are called for a higher purpose and position in life, and that will never involve giving up on ourselves or quitting."

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New Year. New You?

Your New Year’s resolutions will fail because you lack a plan to reach your goal and because you will quit as soon as you instinctively realize this.

That’s it. No magic word, no special technique.

When you’re traveling somewhere with a GPS, you get step  by step instructions and the journey is clear- no thinking involved.

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