New Year. New You?

Your New Year’s resolutions will fail because you lack a plan to reach your goal and because you will quit as soon as you instinctively realize this.

That’s it. No magic word, no special technique.


When you’re traveling somewhere with a GPS, you get step  by step instructions and the journey is clear- no thinking involved.


Only 8 percent of people will attain their New Year’s Resolutions. 92% of them won’t.


This year, don’t seek to do something insane (that will come later), instead just aim to do three things for 2018.

Write them daily, in the perfect present tense (it literally takes 1 minute).


1) Get quality sleep (7 hours, no electronics 45 min before bedtime, no caffeine after 4pm)

2) Eat a Healthy Diet most of the time (every day is not necessary)

3) Do some sort of physical activity daily (this can be as simple as 10 pushups upon rising, or every hour do 20 sit-ups, the possibility is endless)

Remember, you will fail sometimes (a lot at first), but perseverance will always pay dividends.

Fall down seven times, stand up eight.

Just do those three things daily and watch these small changes add up to huge results in your life.

If you're lost or confused (or just need someone to reach out and remind you that you aren't crazy), then email me or anyone on our team. I'd love to help you get to your goals... After all, what we do is Make Humans Better. 

Yours in health, 


Evan Derveloy1 Comment