“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity”
--Amelia Earhart


Two weeks are already down in the New Year… How are you doing so far?

Your progress is likely imperfect, maybe even feeling a little behind?

Or are you rocking and rolling along?


Success or failure happens not all at once, but in thousands of small transactions and decisions, the first step is the single, largest separator between those who did it, and those who DIDN’T.


Stay on your True Path-

Hype yourself up about your goal, build excitement and anticipation! These emotions will give you fuel to move forward and camouflage the negative thoughts that inevitably come.


The coolest trick here is CHOOSING to be excited. For me, it’s a verbal “I am excited about doing this”.

Even if it’s hollow and fake at first, I need to start somewhere, and that first step requires nothing but me forcing my words, thoughts, and actions to be in alignment. That’s where a powerful reaction occurs in your brain.

Some days (especially at first) completion seems impossible-- it is SUPPOSED to work that way. The difficulty you initially encounter is the way God and the Universe test your resolve- do you truly want this? Are you willing to do what you need to do to become what you want?

If your answer is a mousey, “I think so”, then you’ll miss your target as surely as if you never aimed in the first place.

“Fake it until you make it” isn’t just some cliche- it works.

You can and you will. Make that your mantra “I can, I will”, say it out loud, care not who hears you or sees. Become what you must!!

Evan DerveloyComment