Creeping on that Spot (correction)

Here’s how Spot Correction works.

Spot correction is is something that most of us trying to improve our bodies with exercise have experienced. This is where you see an area on your body that isn’t looking good (like a belly is trying to creep over your waistline to get to Muffintopville), and you isolation exercise it to attempt to improve it (like doing 500 crunches a day to fix that belly).

It’s been taught for years by health and wellness professionals as being a myth that many have clumsily attempted to no avail (thus proving their erroneous excuse that “healthy eating and exercise doesn’t work”.

So here’s where we prove it can work.

Crazy at best sounding. I know.


When I started my journey into fitness, I was a morbidly obese kid. Weighing over 200lbs at 11-12 years old.


Everything I did started with me doing situps until I felt sore and sick one night before bed.

Then I did it again the next night. And the night after. And after that....

Did my stomach get stronger? Damn straight it did.

Did my waist shrink? Not really.

What worked was this simple act of will, repeated every day until it became a habit of self discipline and work ethic got my wheel turning. I kept at it, adding running at first, then weights after that, oftentimes teaching myself from words in books and magazines (this was when the internet used your home phone to work. And it was slow, so no research like now)

Just like each one of us has experienced at the Box small victories, small failures, moments of complete joy, and moments of pure frustration; my own journey through fitness was the same.

Because of a “known” time waster like Spot Correction, I was able to start my training journey, and as a great bonus, my midline was strong with reps done, and my mind was resilient from hours spent to no avail, but never quitting that my journey became easier.

Sometimes, when you fall off the wagon and cannot seem to get started again, you need to start with a single action of willpower and movement, performed to an increasing intensity that always stays difficult for you, to start back on your own personal journey!

Let’s go be awesome this week!!


Evan DerveloyComment