This is harder than you thought...

There’s an old axiom:


“You can do a million things right and no one will notice, but do one thing wrong and you’ll never hear the end of it.”

This is an unfortunate thing for us when we aren’t self aware and conscious of our purpose and goals.


Not much is certain in life, but we can be certain we will face hardships, but this doesn’t mean we should be hopeless.


Setbacks can take many forms in our lives, but when they come to our health and fitness, a setback or hardship can be particularly debilitating psychologically to us.

In life, we can be certain that we will fail, suffer and hurt, we will also experience great joys, victories, and wonderful things. Those who allow their misfortune to define them as victims will never rise above their circumstances. We are called for a higher purpose and position in life, and that will never involve giving up on ourselves or quitting.

Our greatest strengths come from our greatest wounds and hurts, only if we so choose to frame them this way. I call you all to follow me in our accountability together: let us rise past making excuses for “not having enough time” to train, or “not feeling like” training, or “not having enough money” to go to the gym (while we are able to eat out and buy expensive coffee drinks and cell phones).


Adapt to our lives as they happen. In this practice, nothing will ever beat us, and every wound or hurt in our life serves only to make us greater than we were before.

Some actions to take this week-

Spend some time examining the questions you ask about your life.

When something doesn’t go your way, instead of asking “why does this always happen to me?/why me?/Why can’t I get a break?” focus on empowering questions-

“Why do I always seem to have an easy time at life?”
“Why am I able to complete my goals so quickly?”
“Why does learning new things come so easily to me?”

You’ll always get the answer to the questions you ask from life, ask the right ones!!

Yours in Fitness and Health,
Evan Derv