Blog 2/12/2018 "Your Habits will define YOU"

“You are what you repeatedly do”


Years ago, a young man sought out a great teacher to become a great man. The great teacher agreed to mentor this young man in exchange for a first lesson.

That lesson went like this-

The Teacher brought the young man to a tiny sprout, and instructed the young man to pull it out of the ground. The young man easily accomplished the task.

Then the Teacher brought the young man to a sapling, standing about knee height. He instructed the man to pull that one out of the earth also. With a tiny bit more effort, the young man pulled that tree up as well.

Next, the Teacher brought the young man to a young tree, standing as tall as the young man. The Teacher told the young man to pull this one up also. After some time and effort, and the assistance of some sticks and a rock to dig the roots out, the young man successfully pulled the man-sized tree out of the ground.

Finally, the Wise Teacher brought the young man to a mighty oak tree.
Standing many times larger than any man, the Teacher told the student to pull this tree out of the ground as well. The Student stopped at this time and said, “The task is beyond my ability, I cannot do this.”

Then the Teacher was able to give the Student the first lesson-

Your habits are like trees. When they are young and small, they can be easily removed and disposed of.

But left unchecked, those same habits can grow into monstrous things that no amount of human effort can conquer.

We all have habits, and we all need to control them (lest they control us).


Start pulling up the Trees that hold you back and start planting the ones you want to elevate you.

Here are some steps to fix your habits:

  1. Focus on the task at hand without getting distracted. Whatever is in your presence at that moment, dedicate your attention to it fully. No person can actually multi-task

  2. Do your best work (give it your all). Half hearted efforts are worse than no efforts at all, as half hearted effort actually hurts people overall.

  3. Keep in touch with your mental health. Put that into your head and heart that elevates you and makes you better. Media/music/movies are all like food- if you live off junk, you will be fat and in poor health. This is the same for your mind based off what you put into it.

  4. Create Order in your life. Schedule your activities, and avoid interacting with people who live tumultuous and disorganized lives.

  5. Picture yourself Dead. How do others view you? Decide if that is how you want to be remembered and live in such a way you are remembered as being awesome!

    What a time to be alive!!



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