I played high school baseball and football at west Monroe high school. After many years out of sports and working out (8 years to be exact) I was invited by my fiancé to tag along to be a spectator at a Tough Mudder event where she was running with members from CF Ruston. After that weekend I decided to jump in full force to reach my maximum potential. I love every aspect of CrossFit and after watching the Games and doing the open I really wanted to dive in more. I'm always pushing myself and others to be the best and reach their full potential. I hope to compete at smaller level events and keep pushing others to also. I am a full time electrician and an avid CFR SUPPORTER! Crossfit is now a way of life for me!

Favorite exercise: clean and jerk
Least favorite workout: running
Favorite paleo food: deer steak
Favorite cheat food: mac and cheese
Certifications: Crossfit level 1