Hunter Smith


I started CrossFit Ruston on Thursday, January 31, 2013. Many different factors led me to CrossFit including wanting to make a lifestyle change and be healthier for my family, and traditional thoughts of getting “in shape,” but probably the one thing that led me there the most was the excitement and enthusiasm I heard in Caleb Seney's voice when he described CrossFit Ruston to me. I wanted to check this out for myself. I wanted to know what “couch to BAMF” meant. I wanted to be excited about being active and healthy for the first time in over a decade. My first impression of CrossFit Ruston was of Evan and Lindsay and their professionalism and patience while working through my first baseline workout. They were tough, supportive and understanding all at the same time. I literally couldn’t wait to come back to do to the next WOD. The next WOD was a Hero workout on a Saturday morning and I got my tail whipped, but I got whipped with my wife Becky right beside me getting her tail whipped, and that began a whole new chapter in our marriage/family life. While Becky and I have always had a lot in common—a love for the outdoors, sports, good food, good music and having fun—we haven’t been involved in a program that we both enjoy so much and enjoy talking about when we are away from the Box. This new chapter has now trickled down to our three boys Lander (7), George (5) and Jack (4), who want to be a part of it. Evan and Lauren are gracious and understanding enough to allow Becky to bring the boys during our “lunch date” WODs and the boys absolutely love CrossFit Kids with Mrs. Lauren. They always want to show everyone their handstand pushups and burpees. When my boys and my wife are in the Box with me and I get tired or think about slacking, all I have to do is turn and face them and know that what I am doing is not just for me but for them most of all.

Now that I am into my sixth month at CrossFit Ruston where Evan, Lauren and their staff have continued to be tough, supportive and understanding each and every day I walk through the doors, I realize they have passed those character traits down to me, my wife and all other members of the CrossFit Ruston community. From my normal 12 o’clock class with Matthew Manning, to the occasional 5 am class with my little brother (and my partner-WOD partner) John Robert Smith, to when work won’t allow me to get there 'til the 4 or 5 pm class, all members of the CF Ruston community are tough, supportive and understanding to not just me but to all who enter the doors on Ida Alley to compete their butts off every day!! The newfound friendships that we have garnered in last six months are those that will last a lifetime. I can tell you now that I know what “couch to BAMF” means, I can tell you that I re-understand mental toughness, I am part of a team again, I am healthy, and I am excited about good eating. Getting my tail whipped every day at CrossFit Ruston makes me a better husband, a better dad, a better friend, a better employee, a better boss and makes me a BAMF and makes me LBN!!!

Top 5 moments at CF Ruston for me:

1. January 31, 2013
2. Lunch date WODs with Becky, and my three boys' enjoying and being involved in CF Ruston
3. Finishing “Murph” Rx’d on Memorial Day
4. Partner WODs with John Robert
5. Oh, and losing over 45 pounds in six months all while getting mentally and physically stronger


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