Kellie Malone


October 22, 2012 was my first day at “the box.” I was 47 years old and had recently become an empty nester. I was looking for something challenging for this new phase of life. I had heard a little bit about this new gym that had opened up in the alley behind the shopping center and I decided to go by and see what it was like. I spoke to Lauren for a little while and observed a class. I told her I was interested in coming back on Monday and trying it out. After discussing it with my husband over the weekend, he decided he would like to go with me and we attended our first class together. Wow, I have never found such a rewarding challenge! There was nothing easy about it but it was really challenging and that it what I was looking for. I really had no working knowledge of being in a gym. I didn’t know any of the lingo like WOD, AMRAP, EMOM and many others – this was all totally new to me. I know my look of confusion had to confirm this to everyone, but I was never made to feel silly or embarrassed that I didn’t know something. In fact, I have always felt encouraged by everyone and I keep showing up and learning new things every time! The support that fellow members and instructors all give you is an awesome experience. I have had people finish their workout and then come alongside and repeat some of the exercises with me to encourage me as I slowly but surely get through my workout. My motivation for being a member has grown from when I started. I now want to become stronger and develop more endurance. I never thought that would be possible. Through the healthy lifestyle that Lauren and Evan teach and encourage I now realize that I can enjoy the challenge of becoming more physically fit than I have ever been in my life. I not only feel better but I also sleep better and another added benefit is that I have lost 25 pounds since my first day. I have more muscle tone and definition than I have ever had before, so I am living proof that it is possible at any age or level of fitness to become more fit! I am very sure that joining CrossFit Ruston has been one of the most positive and life-changing decisions that I have ever made.

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