Brigitte Matejowsky

What can I say? I LOVE CrossFit!  

Staying active has always been a part of my way of life.  I seemed to always understand the importance of moving and staying active for mind, body and spirit.  Even though I was never an "athlete," since high school I have always been involved in some type of exercise whether it be aerobics, which dates me more than I would like to admit, running, or walking.  Fitness is something that I have enjoyed over the years; however, after many miles of running and many synchronized strength movements later, it grew dull, and I craved something more than waking up early to run around the neighborhood in the dark.

It was about one year ago when I was encouraged to sign up for "The World's Best Boot Camp" by my husband, Winston, who had just completed the spring boot camp.  Everyday he would come home after workouts enthusiastic and exhausted, describing his workouts using acronyms and terms I couldn't understand.  (Although, as a military wife of 23 years, I should be used to conversations in acronyms.)  I was intrigued not only about what he was trying to describe, but also the transformation I saw in him!  Last year, Winston participated in "The Murph" - the first CrossFit activity that I witnessed - which quickly made me realize that I had no idea what CrossFit really was.  Captivated and moved by what the event represented, as well as the numbers of people who were participating in the workout, I realized I wanted to be a part of this "CrossFit community".

So, my new fitness journey began in June of 2014.  

I don't remember too much about my first workout the first day of boot camp other than I couldn't do a single pull-up.  I remember having the fleeting thought that "maybe this is not for me."  Then our boot camp coach Lindsay,  whom I had just met 30 minutes earlier, walked up to me and said, "It's ok. You'll get this; just keep moving."  That one moment of motivation was the encouragement I needed to keep going that day and finish my first workout. Those simple words motivated me to return the next class.  

Over the next  several weeks I began learning the CrossFit language and the movements which are the foundation of the workouts.  Everyday was a new challenge,  some days more difficult than others.  Every workout brought me a new sense of accomplishment and left me feeling a little stronger and faster.  My initial goal was to gain physical strength through CrossFit, and  I began to see and feel the transformation in me.  The weeks of boot camp flew by.  The last day of boot camp was the day that I signed up to join the CrossFit community.

The Coaches - They are all amazing each in their own unique way.  I can be totally focused doing a WOD, and then I'll I hear a voice constructively correcting me as I am lifting the bar.  Or a shout out which presses me to keep moving to complete that "one more rep."  Coaches have even taken the time to slip a postcard in the mail or send me a text message to congratulate me on my latest PR.   

The Workouts - Warm-ups, WODs, AMRAPs and PRs; they are all challenging. Some I get through better than others.   The workouts which seem the simplest are typically the ones that are the best [most challenging] workouts!  I am still pushing myself to complete the Rx workouts on a regular basis without having to scale back; that's my goal!

The Community -  I typically work out with the 5am crew - you know who you are!  They are the best group of motivators!  I share my love for this community whenever I can; with our kids, with my friends, with people I work with [I haven't hit up any strangers...yet].  I feel blessed that I can be a part of a community who is encouraging, motivating and enthusiastic about health and well-being.  

There are so many things I would love to say about my experience over the past year.  Both funny and humiliating moments, such as being knocked to my rear with a wall-ball.  And many inspiring moments, watching people around me push themselves during a workout and not giving up.  My proudest moment was the day I did my first strict pull-up.

For me it's simple.  I am the strongest and healthiest that I have been in my life.  

I would encourage anyone who is even thinking about giving CrossFit a try to take that step and go for it.  I know it's a cliché, but if I can do it you can too!  

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