Chris Decuir


If you don't know Chris, you probably still recognize his name. He's the guy that has the score on the board that makes you wonder "How the heck did he get that number/time?" Yep! That Chris. He's the real deal. At 44, Chris is one of our fittest athletes at CFR. If you're looking for someone to push you to the next level, he's one of the athletes to do just that, but don’t expect him to slow down. You will also have to get up quite early as he is a die-hard 5am-er. We chose Chris as our Fall Featured Athlete because of his drive, his obvious determination, and his humility despite having the skillz. 



What did you do prior to CrossFit? Did you have a training/exercise program that you prescribed to?
Before 5/6/13 I considered myself a healthy person. I was a runner and had been running for about 20 years.  I enjoyed racing and working to improve my race times.  The only problem was that I struggled with consistency.  Running day after day can get pretty boring.

Most of those days, the hour I spend at CrossFit is one of the best of the day.

Do you recall why you started CrossFit?
For months Michael Brewton had been pestering me about trying this program that he had started called CrossFit. Every time I saw him it was all he could talk about.  He was determined that I should try it because he knew I would like it.  So, on 5/6/13 I decided to give it a try.  I thought I would try it as a supplement to my running and signed up for 3 times per week.

Do you remember your first WOD? If so, what was it? How did you feel afterwards?
One of the first workouts I did was Cindy (EMOM 20: 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 squats). I thought this would be no problem, it sounded easy. I finished the first round in about 50 seconds – no problem. The next 19 minutes were a blur of questions:  what was my problem, why couldn’t I do more, why did this hurt so badly, and how were these normal looking guys around me able to keep this up? I came to realize that I may have been somewhat healthy, but I was by no means fit. Over the next 6 months I became more comfortable with CrossFit and became less and less interested in running. So, after 6 months I signed up for unlimited classes per week and ditched the running program.  

What do you love about CrossFit?
Thanks to CrossFit, I have learned much more about what it means to be a fit person.  I spend much more of my spare time working to become fit.  I enjoy the variety of CrossFit and know that there will always be something for me to improve upon.  I am good at some things and also not good at many things.

Do you have a favorite movement or type of WOD?
I love when the WODs are long, involve several different movements, and the competition is stiff.  I work out with the 5:00 AM crew, and leave most days feeling totally drained physically – just the way I like it.

What is your most despised movement?
There are many things that I need to improve.  Most people that know me know that I cannot do DUs.  I think that I will be working to improve DUs for a very long time.  I also struggle with every type of kipping (pull-ups, handstand push-ups, etc.).  The list is long, but that is good – I will always have something to work on. 

Do you have any personal goals for CrossFit? Anything you would like to improve upon in 2016?
I took part in the CrossFit Open last year for the first time.  I was nervous about trying thinking I may not be very successful.  But, like everything in CrossFit, you do the best you can, get through it, and will usually improve.  I was glad that I did it, and look forward to next year.  My goal this year is simple – improve my ranking from last year.  

So, Michael was right, I liked CrossFit.  I have been able to stick with it most every day of the work week.  Most of those days, the hour I spend at CrossFit is one of the best of the day.

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