Michael Williams and Tara Haskins


My name is Michael Williams.


I woke up one morning in late spring 2015; I was 55 years old and weighed 238 pounds! I was pasty, soft and unhappy with what I saw in the mirror. Time had silently passed and I had let myself go to seed. I had outlived both my father and brother who had both died many years earlier; but realized that for my health and love for my wife Tara and my two step-sons Connor and Sam, that I needed to do something immediately. 

As a result of never being athletic, generally clumsy, and always the kid chosen last in gym class, I had developed a disdain for organized physical activity and sports. I experimented with various workout programs from time to time, but because I worked out alone without knowledge or guidance, I had very little success and gave up every time. 

I decided to give the exercise thing one last try and started attending the World’s Best Boot Camp at CrossFit Ruston in May of 2015. Every morning (except for one), I would drive to the 5AM boot camp. The first morning, I could not even run 100 meters without stopping. I felt nauseous, my heart felt like it was about to explode and I was shaking. Even though I had quit smoking 5 years earlier when I turned 50, I could still feel the accumulated effects from years of 1 1/2 to 2 packs a day.  Then something shifted. I was starting to feel good about myself and loved the Endorphin rush I would experience throughout the morning. Tara told me that I was looking thinner. I was feeling lighter, energetic and more comfortable with my appearance. I bought a new belt, and I was hooked!

One year later and twenty-seven pounds lighter, I am totally committed to life at the box.  My wife Tara, a former runner, joined me after 6 months. She said there had to be something special about an exercise program that kept me coming back for more. She knows CrossFit has given her a level of fitness that she was never able to achieve after years of mileage in running shoes or on a bike.

Tara and I love to work out together whenever our schedules permit. We talk about the challenges of the next day’s WOD, fit versus Rx, goals we want to achieve and “Tara, can I be your AMRAP partner?”

It is the best feeling to challenge ourselves together, reach goals and be inspired by the entire CrossFit Ruston community: Evan, Lauren, the awesome coaches and our community in the box. 

It was a real badge of honor and accomplishment when I received my CrossFit Ruston one-year member t-shirt. But the biggest accomplishment of all was Tara and I completing our first Memorial Day full Murph together. We look forward to many more years of AMRAPS, RFT’s , and Murphs, always challenging ourselves, establishing new goals, and being a part of the CrossFit community. Thank you CrossFit Ruston!



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