JAKE DUGARD is a CrossFit Level 1 trainer. Born and raised in Louisiana, Dugard stayed active with sports all the way up to college. After a few years of on and off attempts at staying in shape by doing curls, running on the treadmill, and "dieting", he decided to give CrossFit a shot based on Coach Lindsay Bolton's recommendation. Jake was immediately hooked to the competitive nature of CrossFit and the fact that it was life-changing outside of the gym too. Eating habits and other changes have made lifelong impacts on him and his wife. He loves that CrossFit is not just a workout program, but a way of life. Dugard balances his desk job (graphic designer) with the active job of coaching CrossFit.

Favorite Exercise: Overhead Squat
Least Favorite Workout: Wall Balls
Favorite Paleo Food: Bacon
Favorite Cheat Food: Bacon
Certifications: CrossFit Level 1