Evan is a CrossFit Level 2 trainer and NESTA Certified Personal Trainer. He is a veteran of the United States Army and served 6 years as a Combat Medic. He was introduced to CrossFit in 2005 while in the Army, and realized the application of fitness for combat and life required conditioning more diverse than just running and lifting weights. Evan views all of life as potential training exercises, understanding this Evan seeks to advance North Louisiana's understanding and expression of movement to a degree of virtuosity previously unrealized.  

Evan and his wife Lauren also own Bossier City CrossFit, and the methods and philosophy taught at both are the result of years of training, education, and proven metrics of success. Our mission has always been to make you save money on healthcare, learn to use your body and avoid injury, look better naked, and become hard to kill.

Favorite exercise: Olympic weight lifting
Least favorite work-out: Box jumps
Favorite Paleo food: Steak and baked sweet potato
Favorite cheat food: Abita Andy Gator Beer
CF-Level 1
CF-Level 2
CrossFit Movement/Mobility
CrossFit Gymnastics
CrossFit Striking
CrossFit Olympic Lifting
CrossFit Endurance
USAW Sports Performance Coach
Army Combatives
BS in Economics from Louisiana Tech University




Lauren, wife to Evan, is a CrossFit Level 2 and CrossFit kids trainer. Lauren has always been a dancer with an active lifestyle, but nothing compared to the results that she found through doing CrossFit. As a mom of two kids under two years old, CrossFit has been the reason she can keep up with them, her husband, and run her business and dance team. She found her passion for coaching after coming to Louisiana Tech to coach the Regal Blues dance team. Her mission as a CrossFit trainer is to inspire others to meet their goals through hard work and passion. Together with her husband, Evan, they are excited to develop a community of athletes who want to reach the apex of their health and fitness potential. 

Favorite exercise: Kettle bell swings
Least favorite work-out: What everyone else’s is ... burpees
Favorite Paleo food: Paleo lasagna
Favorite cheat food: Anything with Reese’s
CF-Level 1
F-Level 2
CrossFit Kids
BA in Dance Education from University of Southern Mississippi




Bryce played high school baseball and football at west Monroe high school. After many years out of sports and working out (8 years to be exact) I was invited by my fiancé to tag along to be a spectator at a Tough Mudder event where she was running with members from CF Ruston. After that weekend I decided to jump in full force to reach my maximum potential. I love every aspect of CrossFit and after watching the Games and doing the open I really wanted to dive in more. I'm always pushing myself and others to be the best and reach their full potential. I hope to compete at smaller level events and keep pushing others to also. I am a full time electrician and an avid CFR SUPPORTER! Crossfit is now a way of life for me!

Favorite exercise: clean and jerk
Least favorite workout: running
Favorite paleo food: deer steak
Favorite cheat food: mac and cheese
Certifications: CF-Level 1




More info coming soon.

Favorite Exercise: 
Least Favorite Workout: 
Favorite Paleo Food: 
Favorite Cheat Food:
Certifications: CF-Level 1






Madison is a CrossFit Level 1 trainer. She was a cheerleader for five years, but found that obsessing over her weight and just trying to be “skinny” was not her cup of tea. When she saw the CrossFit Games on ESPN in 2012 and discovered how well-rounded and strong all the athletes were, she aspired to be like them. It wasn't long before her dad joined CrossFit Ruston and got a membership for the whole family. After her first WOD she was hooked. She now desires to be a CrossFit competitor and through coaching she wants help everyone who walks into CrossFit Ruston become the best possible version of themselves. Madison is currently enrolled at Louisiana Tech University studying kinesiology.

Favorite exercise: Cleans
Least favorite workout: Running
Favorite paleo food: Steak and sweet potato hash (with bacon, of course)
Favorite cheat food: Homemade banana pudding
Certifications: CF-Level 1



Emma came to CrossFit Ruston by way of the World's Best Boot Camp. Prior to finding the World's Best Boot Camp and training with Lauren and the top-notch coaches of CrossFit Ruston, she had extensive experience in being overweight and out of shape. After lots of sweat and extensive coaching, her confidence and strength quickly sharpened as her doughy exterior lessened. She now has the pleasure of guiding others through the World's Best Boot Camp, teaching them the fundamentals and basics of functional fitness, and being their weight loss sherpa. Emma has a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Louisiana Tech and when she's not at the box, there's a good chance she's making pottery.

Favorite Exercise: deadlift
Least Favorite Workout: single/double unders
Favorite Paleo Food: very rare filet
Favorite Cheat Food: chips and salsa in mass quantities




Rick is a CrossFit Level 1 trainer, a first degree  black belt in taekwondo, and former cheerleader.  Rick has not always lived a healthy lifestyle. He began doing CrossFit at 350 pounds, and lost 100 pounds in his first six months. Rick’s mission as a CrossFit trainer is to help others turn their lives around like he did.

Favorite Exercise: Box Jumps
Least Favorite Workout: Wall Balls
Favorite Paleo Food: Paleo Chicken Alfredo
Favorite Cheat Food: Stuffed Crust Pizza
Certifications: CF-Level 1





Nicole is proud to be one of the OGs of CrossFit Ruston. She and her husband discovered CF in 2012, and as soon as CFR opened its doors, they jumped right in and never looked back. Nicole was a high school and NAIA Division II collegiate athlete in Cross Country and coached swimming in high school and college. Though she still enjoys running, she finds few things more satisfying than lifting heavy objects quickly and with a purpose with like minded and supportive people. Nicole also has a Ph.D. in English which may seem like a bit of an incongruity with coaching, but she believes that the mind cannot be strong if the body is weak. CrossFit helps her keep up with her very sweet, but extremely active toddler (and occasional assistant coach), and she hopes to be a role model for her daughter (and whoever else needs one) who models strength, intelligence, wit, discipline, and honesty. And there's no place other than CFR where she'd rather do that. 

Favorite Exercise: Gimme a Thruster-Burpee-Deadlift triplet and I'm a happy woman!
Least Favorite Exercise: Muscle ups--I don't have them
Favorite Paleo Food: Piña Colada Chicken with Zucchini Noodles
Favorite Cheat Food: Good ol' pepperoni pizza with a Moe's Mocha or Salted Caramel Truffle Blizzard chaser
Certifications: CF-Level 1



Will Solito is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. His love for staying active all started when he was four years old when he started swimming competitively. After an injury from high school football Will decided he would try CrossFit out to regain his strength. Ever since his first workout in 2013, Will has been hooked on CrossFit ever since. Currently Will is a student at Louisiana Tech pursuing a degree in Computer Science with a minor in Political Science. Will wants to instill his love for CrossFit on everyone he coaches and help them become the best CrossFitter they can be!

Favorite Exercise: Burpees
Least Favorite Exercise: Thrusters
Favorite Paleo Food: Chicken
Favorite Cheat Food: Pizza
Certifications: CrossFit Level 1




Trojan, know as "Troj", is the faithful cheerleader of CFR. He will watch your every rep, and has a terrible obsession with bananas...so don't leave those in your gym bag! Don't let his size fool you! He's the friendliest coach on the roster! 

Favorite Exercise: Sled pull
Least Favorite Exercise: Running long distances
Favorite Paleo Food: hamburger
Favorite Cheat Food: anything you leave in your gym bag