PAUL BUTTS is a CrossFit Level 1 trainer. Paul stayed active in sports such as football, baseball, and competitive cornhole growing up. During his glory days, Paul carried around a hefty build of 270 pounds at 6’3. To say the least, he was not as healthy as he desired. Paul tried everything. Hours and Hours running on the track. Followed by days full of bodybuilding exercises. His routine was not very consistent. It was not until he saw the CrossFit games on T.V. during 2012 that his journey of a healthier life started. He delved into research pertaining to the methodology of CrossFit. He managed to lose some weight, and then met Zach Voss. Zach introduced him to CrossFit Ruston, and the rest is history. Paul is currently pursuing a Bachelors in Biology at Louisiana Tech with a concentration in Applied Sciences.

Favorite Exercise: Deadlifts
Least Favorite Workout: HandStand Pushups |
Favorite Paleo Food: Steak
Favortie Cheat Food: Ben and Jerry’s. Every. Flavor.
Certifications: CrossFit Level 1