Bench Press for load:
#1: 3 reps
#2: 3 reps
#3: 3 reps
#4: 3 reps
#5: 3 reps

4 Rounds for time and quality.
10 Bent Row 95/65
5 Broad Jumps
15 Plate Sit Ups 45/25
10 Ring Dips/Dips


The "dreaded" bench press is in our strength portion. We will cover proper technique and understanding for the lift. Within the CrossFit world we rarely have a lateral pushing movement that counter balances the amount of pulling we do in our everyday movements such as the pull up or rowing - this is the single greatest thing we can do fight our imbalances in this area. 

Our WOD/Metcon is accessory work that should be done for quality reps - if you choose to push the intensity for time, more power to you. We are looking for max effort with each jump and control with our weighted movements.



Skill Work
Pull Up/Muscle Up Progression
for 15 mins

1) 1-3 Muscle Ups, 6 Pull Ups/Dips
2) 10-15 Back Extension
3) 8-10 Z-press (see notes, seated press w BB)


Today is a skill/accessory work day with reduced intensity. From time to time, we need to focus on great movement and learning new skills. If you are able to do a strict pull up, we will be looking at the transition of a muscle up. During our workout we are looking for quality reps.

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Welcome to the New Blog

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Thanks and hope you enjoy.