Interview about Prepared Nutrition

Most of y'all probably know Stephanie Akers. Stephanie is one of our most consistent athletes. She regularly does paleo challenges and has been especially conscious of what she eats since the Summer Paleo Challenge a couple of months ago. We asked her thoughts on Prepared Nutrition. Prepared Nutrition is a catering company based out of Shreveport, LA. They are offering convenient, healthy, competitively priced meals every week. Place your order by Wednesday and get your meals delivered to the box the following Monday. Can you beat that?!

Why did you start ordering from Prepared Nutrition?
I had heard the announcements in class from the Cross Fit coaches, I think what made me go ahead and check out the PN website was when Jake (a new, first time parent) said that the meals helped during the first few weeks of their daughter being born. Also, when you do the math, it’s cheaper to order the PN meals, you can’t cook that variety at home for the cost of the PN meals.

What is your favorite aspect of PN?
It’s hard to name just one. I like that they are so simple. You can reheat it in the microwave in the same container it comes in. It’s 1 serving so you can eat the entire meal and know what your calorie count is. Also the website has the nutrition facts on the order menu. I like that the menu changes weekly and you decide what meals you get. If you want 10 sweet potato and brisket meals you can get 10 of them. Ordering is easy, go to the website, pick what meals you want, pay for them and on Monday your meals are delivered to the box. It does not get any easier than that!

What's been your favorite meal?
The sweet potato and brisket.

You are also feeding a teenager. How does she like them?
My 16 year old daughter loves them! (Teenager approved) 

Would you recommend it to someone who is looking for nutritious meals?