You walk into the box. You look at the whiteboard and you see snatches. What do you do? Do you start to feel queasy? Do you grab your stuff and run out of the gym? Don't let snatches scare you.

While it is a complicated movement, we have set up a half-day seminar to focus solely on this movement, help you put up bigger numbers, move more efficiently, and to feel confident performing this movement. 

Evan Derveloy and some of the CFR Coaches will be on site to discuss the movement, demo, break it down into it's basic components, and to watch and offer feedback to move more efficiently. 

We are offering an Early Bird Price of $55 until August 29 (CFR Members Only). For Non-Members and after August 29, it'll jump up to $65 so sign up now! Members make sure to take advantage of your membership discount. Silver receives a 10% discount on seminars and Gold gets a 15% discount. CFR Members can sign up at the front desk or by emailing Non-members can click the button below to purchase their spot.