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Evan is a CrossFit Level 2 trainer and NESTA Certified Personal Trainer. He is a veteran of the United States Army and served 6 years as a Combat Medic. He was introduced to CrossFit in 2005 while in the Army and realized the application of fitness for combat and life required conditioning more diverse than just running and lifting weights. Evan views all of life as potential training exercises, and understanding this, Evan seeks to advance North Louisiana's understanding and expression of movement to a degree of virtuosity previously unrealized.  

Evan and his wife Lauren also own Bossier City CrossFit, and the methods and philosophy taught at both are the result of years of training, education, and proven metrics of success. Our mission has always been to make you save money on healthcare, learn to use your body and avoid injury, look better naked, and become harder to kill.

Favorite Exercise: Olympic weightlifting
Least Favorite Exercise: Box jumps
Favorite Paleo Food: Steak and baked sweet potato
Favorite cheat Food: Abita Andy Gator Beer
Certifications:  CF-Level 1, CF-Level 2, CrossFit Movement/Mobility, CrossFit Gymnastics, CrossFit Striking, CrossFit Olympic Lifting, CrossFit Endurance, USAW Sports Performance Coach, Army Combatives, BS in Economics from Louisiana Tech University

Lauren Pic.JPG


Lauren, wife to Evan, is a CrossFit Level 2 and CrossFit kids trainer. Lauren has always been a dancer with an active lifestyle, but nothing compared to the results that she found doing CrossFit. As a mom of two kids under two years old, CrossFit has been the reason she can keep up with them, her husband, while also running her business and dance team. She found her passion for coaching after coming to Louisiana Tech to coach the Regal Blues dance team. Her mission as a CrossFit trainer is to inspire others to meet their goals through hard work and passion. Together with her husband Evan, they are excited to develop a community of athletes who want to reach the apex of their health and fitness potential. 

Favorite Exercise: Kettlebell swings
Least Favorite Exercise: What everyone else’s is ... burpees
Favorite Paleo Food: Paleo lasagna
Favorite Cheat Food: Anything with Reese’s
Certifications: CF-Level 1, CF-Level 2, CrossFit Kids, BA in Dance Education from University of Southern Mississippi



Tina was born in Norway and competed in Country Line Dance(waltz, smooth, cuban, novelty, funk) as a teenager. She became the Norwegian champion and placed 4th in the World Championship before she moved to the U.S. After having her son in 2009 she started working out at home and at a local gym where she got stuck in a routine and seeing little results. She found Crossfit Ruston in 2015 and couldn’t wait to join with her best friend. Three years later she is loving everything about CFR, how it makes her feel, the family she gained, showing her son a healthy way of life. Her goal is to help other people feel good about themselves and achieve their goals.

Favorite Exercise: Bar muscle-up
Least Favorite Exercise: Double unders
Favorite Paleo Food: Greek chicken salad
Favorite Cheat Food: Gluten free red velvet cupcake

Aaron Garrett

Aaron COACH PIC cropped.png

Aaron Garrett, is from Jonesboro Louisiana. He was born and raised in a huge Family that has always loved Health And Wellness!

In Coach Aaron’s own Words:

“CrossFit Ruston came into my life at the perfect time.

I was very unhealthy, tired, lazy, and overweight. I was taking 7 blood pressure meds, and two antidepressants. So I knew I needed to make a change quickly! 


When I started Crossfit, I was scared and excited. And I'm glad I did.. In a very short time, I started to get stronger, build much better habits, and lose weight. Within a year I had lost over 100 pounds and was off all but 1 blood pressure medications and both antidepressants!! Feeling the best I've felt since I was a kid…


My Mission is to Change People's Lives just like CrossFit did for me. One person at a time, Making Humans Better!”

Favorite Exercise: Burpees
Least Favorite Exercise: Thrusters

Favorite healthy Food: Honeycrisp Apples
Favorite Cheat Food: Pizza & Pasta
Certifications: CF-L1


“I'm going to BELIEVE In YOU, Until you BELIEVE In Yourself”

Katie Pic.JPG

KT Brunson

I am originally from Summerfield, Louisiana and a Louisiana Tech graduate. I am married to my best friend and we have two beautiful daughters. 


Of course, CrossFit is my biggest hobby, but being with my family is the most important. I love being outdoors, hiking, dancing, cooking, and reading.


I have always had an active lifestyle. After having kids, and half my thyroid removed, I got serious about my health and fitness. Once I started CrossFit, I realized I found that missing piece I needed in my life. I was not only physically stronger, I was mentally stronger too. I was proud of myself and what my body was capable of doing. I wanted to become a coach to help others on their own health and fitness journey. 


I look forward to helping you become the best version of yourself

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Emma Lamb

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to help people reach their goals. Whenever people ask me about the CrossFit gym I attend, I always make a point to acknowledge how incredible the coaches are, and I am truly honored to be a part of this team!


Health & fitness have always been a passion of mine, and it plays a massive part in my life. In my spare time, away from the gym, I enjoy spending time with my husband and daughter, going for walks, cooking, and seeing family! 


CrossFit has such a positive impact in my life by making me stronger physically and mentally everyday. I can’t wait to help others reach their goals!

Lee Pic.JPG

Lee Kirst

Hello! I am Lee, from Orlando, FL and currently living in Ruston, LA.  My wife and I moved here two years ago to start our family and live closer to her family. We now have a beautiful daughter and home here.

In college, I studied sports and recreation management and nutrition. However, after college I allowed other things to take priority over my health and fitness. During this time, over fifteen years, I worked at Walt Disney World giving guests great experiences and memorable moments, but I always wanted more for myself!


So, in late 2015 my friends talked me into joining CrossFit. Little did I know how much it would change my life! I was completely revitalized both physically and mentally. It carried me through some of the hardest times in my life while helping me aspire to be so much more. Since then, I have had the pleasure of being a coach and owning an affiliate gym. I truly enjoy making an impact on people’s lives and coaching members to have a higher sense of self by believing in CrossFit and all it entails.


Morgan Davis

Hey yall! Im Morgan, originally from Houston, TX. I was on scholarship for 2 sports, tennis and soccer, at Louisiana Tech where I met my husband Cody. We have 2 children, Marlee & Stark.  I’m a nurse, a spin instructor and Rock Steady Boxing Coach for Parkinson’s.

I’ve always had a passion for fitness. When I first walked into CFR 11yrs ago I knew I had found something that met my goals to challenge myself while gaining longevity, with the huge perk of friends! I became instantly hooked knowing every movement we were perfecting in form was used in my daily life.

I’ve always enjoyed helping people achieve their goals and going through their journey with them! Deciding to be a CrossFit Coach was not taken lightly. I’ve thought about it for years, but cautious in knowing the weight it carries.
I couldn’t be happier to have taken that leap and coach at the first box established in Ruston, that also became home for my family.

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